Saturday, 30 May 2015

DJ Rave In Peace- Lost Angels [Raveskool Recordings]

Ever since first hearing DjRIP's music back in 2012, I couldn't get enough of that authentic old skool hardcore sound, since then he has gone on to gain support from the likes of DJ Vapour (36Herttz) among many others and continues to put out great tracks, many of which are totally free, here's on you should go and buy, 'Lost Angels' opens with warm Reese bass and euphoric pads followed by some trademark epic paino and the classic vocal refrain used by Terrorize on 'Its Just A Feeling', midway we get a blast of blistering rave snyths that are pure undiluted 1992, go and support this great track!!! Buy:

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Get involved with Anonymous Records Oldskool Compilation

Way back in 1991, Q Bass 'Hardcore Will Never Die' came out on Suburban Base Records, that famous sample has become a mantra, for all the efforts of detractors to bury this sound since day one, every few years a fresh group of artists step forward to fly the flag of OldSkool, seminal Raves like Fantazia and Dreamscape still take place to this day and despite what you might think, they are not the equivalent of a bunch of 40 somethings going to see their band of choice, yes there is an older crowd but plenty of younger people too who have discovered that great analogue sound made on Amigas by a thousand plus bedroom producers, that sound that was years ahead of its time, that music that exists almost entirely on vinyl which fetches big money on discogs perhaps saved by the advent of the internet and you tube, hardcore, as in breakbeat hardcore/rave/jungle/jungle tekno really never dies and on this upcoming compilation by highly professional and truly old skool imprint, Anonymous Records, you can hear new tunes by the new school of up and coming producers who keep it OldSkool, the likes of Silverfox, Mimang, Paul Cronin, Nicky Allen, Gareth Monks and speed garage dons, Underheadz to name just a few,. We've heard a few of these tracks and there's a little soundcloud taster below, trust us, like it says in the image, this is 'pure 90's Old Skool Vibes' and you can get involved, whether its a pure OldSkool track or an OldSkool themed DnB track, get your demos over to Anonymous Records via the links below. This is going to be a great compilation, already there are some great artists on board and we know there are plenty of you out there who keep tabs on our faceboook who are top producers so come and get involved!!!
Send your demos here

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

54 Free Tunes

You might have come across them already but in case you haven't, we have 54 free tunes on our soundcloud, more in fact if you count our 1k likes compilation and exclusive Time Travel EP and exclusive Kinetic Eon EP everything from our trademark 140-150BPM style through to DnB, Jungle, Dubstep and more, we're always looking for new tracks to host as free giveaways and showcasing new talent and under the radar artists, if you fancy getting involved, hit us up on facebook

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

VA- Headhunter EP [Paranoid Recordings]

The Paranoid Recs fam are back with more darkside madness oldskool style!!!! We are treated to some under the radar and new artists like Coldsnap who provides the absolutely amazing 93 style 'Devils', DJ Infection is another new name to us, clearly a very talented producer with a knack for those dark spliced up breaks bangers like 'Spice' which has a absolutely huge bassline!!! The Ruffneck takes it back to 1990/91 with some old skool techno/bleep n bass, we leave it to bona fide legend of the scene DJ Fav to wrap up this excellent free release (Did we mention its free?) with the track that gave the name to this EP, paying homage to DJ hype's early productions including the famous sample from 'Weird Energy', 'Headhunter' is premium grade darkcore, another winning EP from Paranoid Recs!!!!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Orestiz-Toxic Tunes

Check out this great new Hardcore Breaks/NuSkool tune by Orestiz, nicely chopped up breaks and uptempo 92-95 style happy sounds with top notch pianos and cool Hip Hop vocal snatches make for a mighty fine ravey roller of a track!!! Buy:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Graish Ft Dayelle- Clarity EP [Boomsha]

The fire continues to burn bright for Boomsha Recs with the launch of Boomsha Black promising to further the spectrum of quality output into some dark DnB & drumfunk, a new artist LP on the way from one of the most renowned and respected DnB producers and this excellent new release out now from Graish with vocals by Dayelle, 'Clarity' in it's original form is a great deep oldskool tinged Future Jungle tune, further remixes come from Pressa who stretches out the core elements and gets deep and dubby. Then Sound Shifter takes the roof off with an amazing energetic Jungle rerub with massive ravey detuned pianos, fire!!!! 

Buy: (2 week exclusive)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Flash Cats-On A Mission EP [Propaganda Music]

We always look forward to new music from Flash Cats, you just can't beat those old skool vibes, on point production and the vibe on each and every track, the 'On A Mission EP' contains 3 absolute bangers, 'Come Inside' pays homage to The Thompson Twins with a 2015 breakbeat twist, classic painos meet a ensemble of phat bass and beats, 'Gotta Release features pleasing 92 inspired sounds combined with the Cat's trademark sound and 'Tango Project' also plays homage to a much loved anthem brom back in the day injecting some Propaganda flava into the mix for 3 tracks you're going to be rinsing in your sets for a looooooong time to come!!!

Out Everywhere 30/05/15